Quote by Charles Bukowski : “When I say that basica”

When I say that basically writing is a hard hustle, I don’t mean that it is a bad life, if one can get away with it. It’s the miracle of miracles to make a living by the typer.

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “When I worked on a mag”

When I worked on a magazine, I learned that there are many, many writers writing that can’t write at all; and they keep on writing all the cliches and bromides and 1890 plots, and poems about Spring and poems about Love, and poems they think are modern because they are done in slang or staccato […]

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “Sometimes I’ve called “

Sometimes I’ve called writing a disease. If so, I’m glad that it caught me.

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “My writing is jagged a”

My writing is jagged and harsh, I want it to remain that way; I don’t want it smoothed out.

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “I kept writing not bec”

I kept writing not because I felt I was so good, but because I felt they were so bad, including Shakespeare, all those. The stilted formalism, like chewing cardboard.

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “When everything works “

When everything works best, it’s not because you chose writing but because writing chose you. It’s when you’re mad with it, it’s when it’s stuffed in your ears, your nostrils, under your fingernails. It’s when there’s no hope but that.

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “I only type every thir”

I only type every third night. I have no plan. My mind is a blank. I sit down. The typewriter gives me things I don’t even know I’m working on. It’s a free lunch. A free dinner. I don’t know how long it is going to continue, but so far there is nothing easier than […]

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “Those who have been wr”

Those who have been writing literature have not been writing life.

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “If you do not breathe “

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.

Quote by Charles Bukowski : “It was like the beginning”

It was like the beginning of life and laughter. It was the real meaning of the sun – Charles Bukowski