Quote by Charbel Tadros : “Knowledge degrees and diplomas are”

Knowledge, degrees and diplomas are not for everyone, but wisdom is. True wisdom is in being happy doing what you do best no matter how trivial it may seem as long as it is beneficial to you and to those around you. – Charbel Tadros

Quote by Charbel Tadros : “Without wisdom a teacher is”

Without wisdom, a teacher is nothing more than a research paper: a knowledge filled text which is boring and has no practical use. With wisdom, a teacher is like a great novel: a text filled with knowledge, practical applications and, above all, fun. – Charbel Tadros

Quote by Charbel Tadros : “To get a true education”

To get a true education, going to school is not enough. School helps students gain knowledge; however, true education is in gaining wisdom, which can only be earned with experience. – Charbel Tadros