Quote by Carolyn Porco : “The Saturn system is a”

The Saturn system is a rich planetary system. It offers mystery, scientific insight, and obviously splendour beyond compare, and the investigation of this system has enormous cosmic reach… just studying the rings alone, we stand to learn a lot about the discs of stars and gas that we call the spiral galaxies.

Quote by Carolyn Porco : “Saturn itself is a gia”

Saturn itself is a giant planet, and there’s much to be gained by investigating its meteorology and studying its magnetic field.

Quote by Carolyn Porco : “I was drawn to astrono”

I was drawn to astronomy by a teenage existential quest. Around 13, I was deep into wondering about the meaning of life and what I was doing here. I turned to religion, but that did nothing for me. I got to wondering where was here. So, I began studying astronomy and became enthralled by what […]