Quote by Carlo Rovelli : “But what we see and”

But what we see and understand of the universe is not an infinity to drown in. It is a wide sea, but a finite one. – Carlo Rovelli

Quote by Carlo Rovelli : “That which seems intuitive to”

That which seems intuitive to us now is the result of scientific and philosophical elaborations in the past. – Carlo Rovelli

Quote by Carlo Rovelli : “Science is born from this”

Science is born from this act of humility: not trusting blindly in our past knowledge and our intuition. Not believing what everyone says. Not having absolute faith in the accumulated knowledge of our fathers and grandfathers. We learn nothing if we think we already know the essentials, if we assume that they were written in […]

Quote by Carlo Rovelli : “I am my mother’s caresses”

I am my mother’s caresses, and the serene kindness with which my father calmly guided me; I am my adolescent travels; I am what my reading has deposited in layers in my mind; I am my loves, my moments of despair, my friendships, what I’ve written, what I’ve heard; the faces engraved on my memory. […]

Quote by Carlo Rovelli : “We understand the world in”

We understand the world in its becoming, not in its being. – Carlo Rovelli