Quote by Brian Huskie : “Our freedom of speech is”

Our freedom of speech is not some cute, optional, anachronistic thing that you write about on a short answer quiz about school uniforms or some such silliness. Your freedom to assemble (e.g., Junto), to create and distribute content, and to express yourself (e.g., to ask a Klan member Why do you hate me when you […]

Quote by Brian Huskie : “It was my assumption that”

It was my assumption that skilled teachers spent their days imparting important and meaningful knowledge to eager students. I also believed, as many of you do, that I didn’t remember or wasn’t good at the things we learned in high school because I didn’t pay close enough attention or didn’t work hard enough. – Brian […]

Quote by Brian Huskie : “Compulsion – nonconsensual education –”

Compulsion – nonconsensual education – requires violence; it requires complete control over what students put into their brain, the people they are exposed to, the places they are authorized to be, and oftentimes, with free lunch programs, what food goes into their body. Compulsory systems are resentful of families who do not enforce homework or […]

Quote by Brian Huskie : “I’m sure if Socrates were”

I’m sure if Socrates were alive today, and had to sit through even a single meeting discussing how to use data to inform instruction, he’d kill himself all over again. – Brian Huskie

Quote by Brian Huskie : “It’s good and just that”

It’s good and just that you practice on teachers and school principals, because one day you are going to have to live in a world of lawmakers and tax collectors, and you should have some sense of how to use your freedom of speech to claim control over your life. – Brian Huskie

Quote by Brian Huskie : “You would think that after”

You would think that after fifteen years of war on terror, waged by a country with nuclear submarines, all terror on earth would be destroyed. I’m shocked that nary a nightmare has made it out alive. Yet somehow, killing the shit out of people – thousands and thousands of people – doesn’t make the living […]

Quote by Brian Huskie : “Being lawful and following the”

Being lawful and following the rules means allowing their reality to become your reality, and their reality includes you pledging your allegiance to their republic before you’re old enough know what the words allegiance – Brian Huskie

Quote by Brian Huskie : “Going to school is rarely”

Going to school is rarely a choice at all, but rather just the thing you do because everyone else does it. – Brian Huskie

Quote by Brian Huskie : “A teenager’s nature is not”

A teenager’s nature is not laziness, their preferred state is not ignorance, and it is not necessary for extrinsic motivation to be delivered by trained professionals in order to prevent them from bareknuckle boxing under a bridge in exchange for drugs and money. – Brian Huskie

Quote by Brian Huskie : “Maybe you’ve noticed what I’ve”

Maybe you’ve noticed what I’ve noticed, and thought it strange, or dismissed it as youthful foolishness or that you were missing some critical piece of information that would reveal itself with age and wisdom – that is: every single teacher believes feverishly in the importance of the content of their class, and furthermore, believes that […]