Quote by Awdhesh Singh : “A man who has mastered”

A man who has mastered all the books in the world may still be ignorant if he fails to connect this bookish knowledge with the real world. – Awdhesh Singh

Quote by Awdhesh Singh : “Most motivational speakers typically use”

Most motivational speakers typically use anecdotes rather than statistics to prove their point. They don’t speak about the thousands of failures of millions of hapless men and women but always tell the story of one successful person to prove their point. They make great promises akin to a good salesman out to sell his wares. […]

Quote by Awdhesh Singh : “Many people are ignorant not”

Many people are ignorant not because they don’t know much but because they have accumulated false or worthless knowledge. – Awdhesh Singh

Quote by Awdhesh Singh : “True knowledge is thus the”

True knowledge is thus the key to happiness. However, you can’t have such knowledge merely from books or by listening to scholars. True knowledge comes only by experiencing life and connecting the dots. When you are aware and your mind is disciplined, true knowledge flows from all directions into your being. – Awdhesh Singh