Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “It is a dangerous thing”

It is a dangerous thing to go back searching to your past. All things grow, that means all things change. Two parallel lines do not meet, unless in infinity. The past would always feel different experienced in the present. What if the fond memories go away if you live in them for a little while. […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “So I drink just one”

So I drink just one more glass to get me through the night; I look at my lamp, my fan, all the pictures and posted on my wall and I know I have failed again. I have left things left unsaid, undone, unseen. With only my dreams to guide me. If I knew my greatest […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “Nature was beautiful and I”

Nature was beautiful and I felt in tune with the universe, like every single decision I had made had brought me to here, to the glowing now. And here is such a beautiful place to be – Apollo Figueiredo

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “People spend time trying to”

People spend time trying to impress people through the things they do and say in a tone any louder than a gasped whisper. The mass commodification of cool is perverse in the sense that the individual defining the term has its basis in what they think others will idolise in their own individuality. If there […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “I have felt your drool”

I have felt your drool on meAnd never loved you moreThen with your closed eyesTelling my shirt that home was not full of sightsBut only full of soul. – Apollo Figueiredo

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “She left me ravenous and”

She left me ravenous and wishing upon fireflies for more. Limbs as puzzle pieces we fit together. – Apollo Figueiredo

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “Degrading to atoms conscious or”

Degrading to atoms, conscious or not. The world was always and never falling apart. – Apollo Figueiredo

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “Two insane idiots with the”

Two insane idiots with the same idea, that is what love is. – Apollo Figueiredo