Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “The biggest lie I ever”

The biggest lie I ever told anyone was that I would not leave. – Apollo Figueiredo

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “I remember I thought that”

I remember I thought that she smelled like something I had never smelt before, but it was the sweetest scent. I could not describe it, but it was like a picture. A painting I had wanted to see my whole life. She was rainy mornings, and the view of cars going by in blurs while […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “Getting high only made me”

Getting high only made me think of you more. – Apollo Figueiredo

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “Nature or the natural that”

Nature, or the natural, that is what we find beauty in. The idea that some idea belongs in part of an order. That it is more than coincidence or a strange occurrence or a singular moment but rather that it is a coincidence or a strange occurrence or a singular moment that is natural to […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “Beauty in a dream and”

Beauty in a dream and beauty in reality can both be witnessed first hand. Mad men and women also witness beauty in their delusions. My world is full of those delusions but perhaps so is everyone else’s since we read into things and in the reading into of things we lose their truth in order […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “I lay there Lay there”

I lay there. Lay there. The places we call home, are never remembered on a map. And all manic episodes start with a thought. – Apollo Figueiredo

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “People age even in pictures”

People age even in pictures. Champagne glasses can stay full. With enough of a leap you could say that pictures amongst the galaxies and quasars capture a tiny bit of the universe for however long they last. The only thing pictures cannot do is keep someone alive in anything but memory after they have passed. […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “People are scared to talk”

People are scared to talk about death, they fear what is inevitable because it ends the current chapter without knowing if there will be a sequel, but it would be so beautiful to wake up as your flower. Or an atom, part of some distant planet with you. We could collide until we merged like […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “I think I finally understand”

I think I finally understand what it is that you experienced in our last moments together. The fear to resign yourself to a final belief greater than yourself. It is difficult to decide what cause to believe in because of the fear that it is a lesser unworthy cause, it is not the meaning but […]

Quote by Apollo Figueiredo : “The abyss is black and”

The abyss is black and eventually I know I will smile, laugh even knowing all I think I know, maniacally while I howl at anything I could see that would laugh, snarl and howl the way I do. – Apollo Figueiredo