Quote by Ani Shahverdyan : “No one can stand on”

No one can stand on the way of someone who knows where he is going and is doing it with confidence. – Ani Shahverdyan

Quote by Ani Shahverdyan : “Patience is the shield of”

Patience is the shield of your dreams, persistence is your sword, Never put them down. – Ani Shahverdyan

Quote by Ani Shahverdyan : “Dont just dream but dream”

Don`t just dream but dream out; let the outside world become the reflection of your dreams. Choose your destiny not by counting the obstacles but by hunting your dreams. Believe undoubtedly that you can jump higher than your height. The taste of tomorrow depends on the seeds you plant today. So, work on your dreams, […]

Quote by Ani Shahverdyan : “People who take their own”

People who take their own steps to notch up spectacular success are prone to receive the gifts of luck more often; success starts walking toward them in its turn to accelerate the awarded meeting. – Ani Shahverdyan