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It’s easy to see how non-profits become engrossed in catering to donors, which may or may not be the best thing at all times, while if a company is ultra-engaged with its customers, it’s universally positive and helpful.

Quote by Andrew Yang : “For most students at u”

For most students at universities around the country, studying entrepreneurship is a pleasant intellectual diversion, not a professional choice, path, or commitment.

Quote by Andrew Yang : “I spent five years running”

I spent five years running Manhattan GMAT helping young people get into business school. – Andrew Yang

Quote by Andrew Yang : “Money often moves around like”

Money often moves around like a high school kid with no personality – it goes with the crowd. – Andrew Yang

Quote by Andrew Yang : “After graduating from Brown I”

After graduating from Brown, I went to law school and became a corporate lawyer in New York City. – Andrew Yang