Quote by Andrew Ng : “I had a strong interest”

I had a strong interest in free online education, and I was interested in what videos and formats would work for it. A lot of education workers were very sceptical about what computer scientists were doing. It was only after the first visible success of MOOCs that they started to take it seriously. – Andrew […]

Quote by Andrew Ng : “Education is not about thinning”

Education is not about thinning the herd. Education is about helping every student succeed. – Andrew Ng

Quote by Andrew Ng : “In healthcare we are beginning”

In healthcare, we are beginning to see that AI can read the radiology images better than most radiologists. In education, we have a lot of data, and companies like Coursera are putting up a lot of content online. – Andrew Ng

Quote by Andrew Ng : “India has a large base”

India has a large base of tech talent, and I hope that a lot of AI machine learning education online will allow Indian software professionals to break into AI. – Andrew Ng

Quote by Andrew Ng : “Our educational system globally has”

Our educational system globally has not been historically great in reskilling for newer job roles. We need a new social contract to do that. For India, lack of an incumbent structure might be an advantage, where it can use digital education to leapfrog. – Andrew Ng

Quote by Andrew Ng : “The true value proposition of”

The true value proposition of education is employment. – Andrew Ng

Quote by Andrew Ng : “Education is one of the”

Education is one of the industry categories with a big potential for AI. And Coursera is already doing some of this work. – Andrew Ng

Quote by Andrew Ng : “I just thought making machines”

I just thought making machines intelligent was the coolest thing you could do. I had a summer internship in AI in high school, writing neural networks at National University of Singapore – early versions of deep learning algorithms. I thought it was amazing you could write software that would learn by itself and make predictions. […]

Quote by Andrew Ng : “I find it a very”

I find it a very encouraging sign for a society if employers are bringing online education to their companies, helping employees gain more knowledge. – Andrew Ng

Quote by Andrew Ng : “The most trusted way to”

The most trusted way to keep moving up that value chain is to keep investing in individuals – to help them grow in knowledge and skills. Education is hard. It takes individuals to do the hard work. – Andrew Ng