Quote by Alice Minium : “There are days when I”

There are days when I would gladly hit Return – Alice Minium

Quote by Alice Minium : “Most hardhitting truly provocative thinkers”

Most hard-hitting, truly provocative thinkers I have read will argue, of course, for intersectional advocacy and social equality, but each of them still shrouds, indiscriminately, some qualitatively-ranked mythos of ‘learning’ (or, implicitly, education) as some kind of holy grail to cultural change. But education is really, more than anything, the chronicler of cultural change and […]

Quote by Alice Minium : “We doing these things because”

We doing these things because we’re moral, enlightened people. We’re doing these things because we are embedded within longstanding structures of institutional power, and education is just one of these functions.And it is a function with tremendous social power to oppress or to legitimize, to open or to close, to create or to calcify, to […]