Quote by Alexis Karpouzos : “The Multiplicity and the Unity”

The Multiplicity and the Unity are one and the same thing, a thing that is both many and one at the same time. The waves, and the currents underwater, make up the ocean. The ocean is the underlying basis for every wave. Neither the ocean, nor the waves, can be understood in isolation from each […]

Quote by Alexis Karpouzos : “The wisdom of the Eastern”

The wisdom of the Eastern ancient knowledge and the Western philosophy of the contemporary scientific knowledge converge and create open thought, the thought of open Wholeness. The core of the open thought is the cosmic consciousness. In every particle, atom, molecule, cell of matter the energy and the information of the cosmic spirit is concentrated. […]

Quote by Alexis Karpouzos : “The time has come to”

The time has come to give back our heart to itself, to light the spark to eye, to stay vigil with yearning on lipsso, open your wings, beat your feathers and will rising again on the heaven, on the heaven which only is higher than the heaven, – Alexis Karpouzos

Quote by alexis karpouzos : “We need a sense of”

We need a sense of the unity of life and of humans for the sake of human welfare and for the survival of the planet. We need a sense of unity with the cosmos so that we can connect with Reality. But we also need a sense of individuality, for the sake of our own […]

Quote by Alexis Karpouzos : “I dream that one day”

I dream that one day we will look at each other in the same way we look at the sun, and we will touch each other like the sun on earth, and the blessings of light will flow into our hearts. – Alexis Karpouzos

Quote by Alexis Karpouzos : “Inside the united and indivisible”

Inside the united and indivisible universal Wholeness, every thought and action we make concerning the part, creates the reaction of the whole towards us. In short, whatever we are doing and in whichever way we are doing it, has a multiple effect on us, from every corner – Alexis Karpouzos

Quote by Alexis Karpouzos : “The science of Chaos teaches”

The science of Chaos teaches us that everything is interconnected, but the contemporary developments in neuroscience, getting started with the brain neurons and their multiple connections, reveal the topology of the brain, a miniature of the universal geometry of everything. – Alexis Karpouzos