Quote by Alexis de Tocqueville : “Nations as well as men”

Nations, as well as men, almost always betray the most prominent features of their future destiny in their earliest years. – Alexis de Tocqueville

Quote by Alexis de Tocqueville : “I follow the course marked”

I follow the course marked out by my principles and, what is more, enjoy a deep and noble pleasure in following it. You deeply despise the human race, at least our part of it; you think it not only fallen but incapable of ever rising again… For my part, as I feel neither the right […]

Quote by Alexis de Tocqueville : “No state of society or”

No state of society or laws can render men so much alike but that education, fortune, and tastes will interpose some differences between them; and though different men may sometimes find it their interest to combine for the same purposes, they will never make it their pleasure. – Alexis de Tocqueville